THE DALTON GANG: Last Year's Waltz
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THE DALTON GANG: Last Year's Waltz

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THE DALTON GANG: Last Year's Waltz
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Rhythms, the first Dalton Gang CD, was recorded in one night at Clinton Recording in Manhattan. .The tunes are:
  • The Optimist
  • Fatso
  • The Powers That Be Flat
  • NY State of Mind
  • Chill That Thrill
  • Samba Del Viento
  • Free J.B
  • A Night In Terneuzen
  • Where Were You?
  • Fringe Benefit
"Rhythms", "Miami Shadows", and "Just For Tonight", and "Last Year's Waltz" are now available for downloading of individual tracks for .99 each and/or complete albums for $9.99 from the Apple iTunes Store--if you have iTunes just click here
Miami Shadows was also recorded at Clinton Recording.The tunes are:
  • Let's Get Greasy
  • Pay The Price
  • Location Four
  • I Still Don't Know
  • Three Time Loser
  • Miami Shadows
  • Sting Ray
  • BooBop
  • Date With The Rain
  • Full Stop
  • Cryptic Craving
  • The Love You Take


Miami Shadows
"Just For Tonight" was released in 2002. Read all about it here. The cd was recorded at Iiwii in Weehawken, NJ. Mixing and mastering were done at ESR Studios in Port Washington NY. The tunes are:
  • Moanin'
  • Pressure
  • Tensions
  • Blackbird
  • Easy
  • Just For Tonight
  • Legwork
  • El Boogaloo
  • Check It Out
  • Please Send Me Someone To Love
  • Strollin
  • Well You Needn't
"Last Year's Waltz" is distributed by Ansonia Records, Inc., 380 Kamena St., Fairview NJ 07022 (201)945-7600.
The latest Dalton Gang cd is "Last Year's Waltz". It was recorded and mixed at Kaleidoscope Sound in Union City, NJ. The tunes are:
  • Blizzard Blues
  • Lost Mind
  • Glowing
  • Fade
  • Bye-Ya
  • Last Year's Waltz
  • Ronda
  • Jungle Strut
  • Mamma Leche
  • Day Job
  • Finger Poppin'
Willy Dalton: Riverwalk
"Riverwalk", music for string quartet and acoustic guitar, composed by Willy Dalton, includes 4 original compositions for solo nylon string guitar.