"Night Visitor" (click the link to download) was recorded around 1981 at Sceptor Sounds in Manhattan on 54th Street. Many of the current Dalton Gang members are on the track--Willy Dalton, guitar (pre Sadowsky); Vinnie Cutro, trumpet; Conrad Zulauf, trombone; Mark Friedman, alto sax; Frank Elmo, tenor sax; John Hughes, bass (pre Sadowsky). The other musicians include: Glen Wilson, bari sax; Marc Cupo, drums; Rich Sorce, piano; and the late Freddie Diaz, percussion. Freddie played surdo on the track and brought a Brazilian friend (I think his name was Patrick) who played the Brazilian tambourine and a phenomenal guica on the track--Freddie and his friend were members of Guillermo Franco's group Pe De Boi--they were featured at the then new and exciting Sounds Of Brasil nightclub on Varick Street in the West Village. Guillermo is an incredible drummer and percussionist and I miss seeing him around. The surdo groove that Freddie layed down is unbelievable--you have to go with it if you want to stay in the pocket. I was studying classical guitar at the time and the tune was based on a Fernando Sor piece--that's reflected in the nylon string intro. Listening to the track now I hear the origins of the Dalton Gang--Cupo and Hughes created a tight pocket. The solos are fantastic--especially Vinnie, Glenn Wilson, and finally Frank Elmo who plays his usual over-the-top solo into the fadeout. The studio was right down the block from Studio 54 but I'm sure that at the end of the session we were headed to the First Step in Paterson NJ--much hipper than Studio 54.